Caine Archive of Intermountain Americana Miscellanea, 1845-1952

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Marie Eccles Caine Archive
Caine Archive of Intermountain Americana Miscellanea
1845-1952 (inclusive)
5 boxes, (2.5 linear feet)
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Miscellaneous materials containing correspondence, baptismal records and ledgers
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Often in the collecting of documents items become available that are of historical interest or importance, but because they are a single item they are difficult to handle. When the Marie Eccles Caine Archive of Intermountain Americana was established the decision was made to create a place for these valuable, but often neglected manuscripts. Thus the name for the first collection in the Caine archive is appropriately entitled "Miscellanea."

The first box of this collection has 18 different collections. Each folder has been handled as a separate manuscript collection. When deemed necessary an item has been placed into a slip case or a box to protect it. This first box reflects the philosophy of the "Miscellanea" collection both in the importance of the documents historically and in their variety of subject matter. For example in Box #1 there is a Wells Fargo and Company cash ledger, vouchers from the Utah Territorial Legislature, as well as an Albert Sydney Johnston letter and a George Q. Cannon signature. Collection #1 hopefully will grow and become an important archive of single item manuscripts.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Henry Bigler to Alexander Stephens
(1 Item)
Stephens and Bigler were both members of the Mormon Battalion. This letter reminisces about their experiences together and about their both being at Sutter's Fort when gold was discovered.
1891 April 9
1 2
Charles C. Rich, Liverpool, England to Mary A. Rich
(1 Item)
Rich was the founder of St. Charles, Idaho in the Bear Lake Valley. This letter was written while he was on a L.D.S. mission to England prior to his moving to Bear Lake. The letter mainly enquires about the well being of his family. Includes an engraving of Rich.
1862 January 2
1 3
Oliver Cowdery law firm item
(1 Item)
Cowdery at this time was in a law partnership with his brother Lyman in Wisconsin Territory. This item helps to establish Oliver's whereabouts at this time.
1847 June 4
1 4
Almon Babbitt signature
(1 Item)
An early member of the L.D.S. church, he was a lawyer by trade and heavily involved in legal matters during the church's time of crisis in Illinois. Latter he became a congressional delegate from Utah, and was eventually excommunicated from the church and purportedly gunned down by Porter Rockwell.
1854 December 5
1 5
Orson Spencer item
(1 Item)
Spencer was the Mayor of Nauvoo, and the Chancellor of the University of Deseret. This document is a court summons signed by Spencer.
1854 November 5
1 6
George Q. Cannon signature
(1 Item)
Cannon was the first counselor to L.D.S. presidents John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff and Lorenzo Snow. This particular document is a signed receipt acknowledging a small amount of money bequeathed to Cannon.
1878 November 15
1 7
Frank J. Cannon, Cherry Creek Utah to John M. Cannon
(1 Item)
Cannon was a territorial delegate to congress from Utah and later became one of Utah's first U.S. Senators. This letter discusses family business.
1903 July 5
1 8
Edward Mumford's patriarchal blessing, St. Joseph Missouri
(1 Item)
Mumford was captain of one of the last L.D.S. wagon trains to Utah. This blessing was performed by John Smith and recorded by Albert Carrington.
1845 December 9
1 9
John F. bowman papers
(11 pages)
Bowman was the mayor of Salt Lake City from 1928-1932. In 1931 Bowman hired two men to work as undercover detectives in order to find out about the extent of illegal gambling and drinking in Salt Lake City. These papers consist of the reports filed by the undercover agents to the mayor.
1931 January 1931
1 10
William Clayton to William H. Hooper, a mortgage document
(1 Item)
Clayton was an early convert to the L.D.S. church and served Joseph Smith and Brigham Young closely. Hooper was a territorial delegate to Congress and the secretary of the territory.
1875 June 3
1 11
Wells Fargo and company Ledger
(1 volume)
A cash ledger that lists transactions and the way stations on the Montana Trail from Salt Lake City, Utah to Fort Shaw, Montana.
1 12
Patrick Edward Connor court document
(2 Items)
Connor was the commander at Fort Douglas and is known for his involvement in the battle of Bear River. Also included in an engraving of Connor.
1880 July 16
1 13
Utah Territorial Vouchers
(30 Items)
Vouchers for money paid out by the Utah Territorial Secretary of State William H. Hooper. The items listed on the vouchers ranged from wood to office supplies for the legislative assembly
1 14
Albert Sidney Johnston, South Pass, Wyoming to the Assistant Adjunct General, New York City
(2 Items)
Johnston was the leader of the Utah Expedition (Johnston's Army). This letter acknowledges Johnston's receipt and acceptance of orders from his superiors.
1857 October 21
1 15
George Schweich, Richmond, Missouri to O.R. Beardsley
(2 Items)
Schweich was the grandson of David Whitmer and the owner of the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon for a short period. This letter indicates that Schweich did indeed have the manuscript in his possession. The folder also includes Schweich's copy of David Whitmer's An Address to All Believers in Christ.
1900 January 17
1 16
Daniel Sylvester Tuttle letters
(6 Items)
Tuttle was the Episcopal missionary bishop to Utah, Montana and Idaho from 1867-1886. He resided in Salt Lake City, Utah. This folder contains three letters two written by Tuttle and one written by Alexander Garrett, the Episcopal missionary bishop for Northern Texas. The two Tuttle letters were written to the Episcopal bishop of Nebraska, Robert H. Clarkson. The most interesting of the three letters is one written by Tuttle to Clarkson in 1873 inviting his fellow bishop to help consecrate St. Mark's cathedral in Salt Lake City. This collection also includes an engraving of Garrett and Tuttle and a photograph of Clarkson.
1 17
Eureka and Palisade Railroad Company documents
(14 Items)
The Eureka and Palisade Railroad company was established in 1873 by stage operators, Gilmer and Salisbury and Hamilton hotel man, J.P. Withington. The line started in Palisade , Nevada and ran south to the newly established mining town of Eureka. The material in this folder contains primarily invoices from the Eureak and Palisade as well as one or two items from the Union Pacific and the Southern Pacific.
1 18
Salt Lake, Garfield and Western Railroad Company
(5 folders)
This collection contains items from the Garfield and Western Railroad company as well as its two predecessor companies, The Salt Air Railway Company and the Salt Lake and Los Angeles Railway Company. The main purpose of this railroad was to service the Salt Air Beach resort with freight and passengers. The primary material here is two sets of correspondence between the railroad and the Interstate Commerce Commission. In addition there are some miscellaneous items from the railroad that concerns repairs, expenses, invoices etc. Also there are included a few items from the Saltair Beach Company.
1 18a
Correspondence between the Salt Lake and Los Angeles Railway and the Interstate Commerce Commission
1 18b
Correspondence between the Salt Lake, Garfield and Western Railway Company and the American Short Line Railroad Association
The American Short Line Railroad Association was a Lobbying group for small railroad companies.
1 18c
Miscellaneous contracts and items from the Salt Lake and Los Angeles Railway Company and the Salt Lake Garfield and Western
1 18d
Salt Air Company receipts
1 18e
Agreement between the Hyrum Amusement company and the Salt Air Company for roller skate rentals

Miscellanea, 1861-1938Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
2 1
Andrew Jensen manuscript material. This folder contains receipts from items that Jensen purchased or paid
Also there is one letter to Jensen and a caricature of him.
2 2
Manuscript by John Gibbon about Camp Floyd
An article on the subject appeared in the issue of the American Quarterly Review entitled "The Mormons." This particular item is marked up copy of this article with four handwritten pages to be added to the text of the article. Gibbon apparently had planned to publish a book about his western travels and this article was to be one section of the book.
1879 October
2 3
William M. Wooley missionary records
Wooley was a missionary from Salt Lake City and he served in the Southern States Mission. The items included here are three letters and one report book
2 4
Document appointing John Sharp clerk of the Green River County, Utah, Territory Probate Court
The item is signed by Probate Judge W.A. Carter. Carter was a prominent businessman in the area.
2 5
J. Golden Kimball letter to James Lawson
This letter congratulates Lawson on his appointment as a patriarch.
1903 February 18
2 6
John Howard's appointment to the Nauvoo Legion
The document is signed by C.R. Savage the company's commander.
2 7
Old Folks Central Committee items
Two Pieces from this Utah senior citizens committee. One item is a broadside advertising a special presentation of a play for the group. The other item is a pass to Lagoon.
2 8
Salt Lake City and Ogden Railway Company Timetable No. 8
A timetable covering the electric train's run from Ogden to Salt Lake City
2 9
Claude J. Empey letter to Mrs. Ray Dillman, Price, Utah
This letter discusses an 1880 discovery of blue corn in an Indian storage pit near Mesa, Arizona. The letter goes on to explain how that corn seed was disseminated into Utah.
1938 August 30
2 10
Brigham Young letter to Bishop A. Hoagland, Salt Lake City, Utah
The letter asks Hoagland to help find a home for a young widow currently boarding in a home in his ward.
1861 April 9
2 11
Salt Lake Temple Dedication Services Tickets
This folder contains five Temple dedication passes
1893 April 7 - 22
2 12
Journal of the Missionary Labors of Elders S.B. Mitton and Harold Lijinquist
A 20 page journal of Mitton and Lilijinquist's missionary experiences in Cache Valley. The two traveled extensively on the west side of the valley and in Logan and Smithfield.
1889-1890 Winter
2 13
"My Journal" by Mar E. Perkes
A 19 page journal written by Mary Perkes when she was a teenager. The diary is hand written and mentions polygamy quite extensively. The Perkes lived in Hyde Park.
2 14
"Information Concerning the Arrowrock Dam Which Is Being Constructed Some Twenty Five Miles Above Boise, Idaho, By the U.S. Reclamation Service."
A report by Civil and Consulting Engineer Richard Lyman. The report describes the construction conditions of the Arrowrock dam. Included here are descriptions of the railroad, powerplant, sawmill and living conditions at the site. At the time the Arrowrock Dam was to be the largest concrete dam in the country.
2 15
Anson C. Meigs Diary
156 pages
Meigs seems to live near Coon Rapids, Iowa. He also writes as if he were a teenager or a young man. The diary gives an excellent account of life on an Iowa farm during this time period.
2 16
"An Arizona Outing.: An article from an unknown source describing a descent into the Grand canyon
In addition to the article there are several pages of handwritten notes about the trip. Also the article has many lines underlined and sections that have hand written annotations in the margins.
circa 1900
2 17
"Minutes of Ladies Meeting of the Bear Lake Stake Academy."
A three page, legal size, document recording the meetings of young ladies attending the Bear Lake Stake Academy. The organization seems to have had a monthly meeting. The Bear Lake Stake Academy was a L.D.S. church school in Paris, Idaho. It later became known as the Fielding Academy.
1891 December - 1892 March

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Container(s): Box 3

Container(s) Description Dates
Lindquist Mortuary business ledger
The Lindquist Mortuary was started in Logan, Utah by Niels Lindquist in the 1890's. In 1894, his son, George W. Lindquist joined his father in the undertaking business. This particular volume covers the period between 1916-1920 when George was the proprietor. The ledger contains entries that detail funeral expenses.

Caine Miscellanea, 1863-1952Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
4 1
An order for food issued to the emigrant Ann Fletcher by Feremore Little of the Emigration Office in Florence, Nebraska Territory.
17 ½ x 7 centimeters.
1863 June 26
4 2
Two letters concerning the Idaho Test Oath Law
The letters are both typed on legal size paper.
1892 April 25
First letter
From then Idaho Attorney General, George H. Roberts to United States President Benjamin Harrison dated , . The letter encouraged the President to "grant the petition of the Mormon Church for pardon for their people." The letter also discussed what political allegiance the Mormons would have when they were again allowed to vote.
1892 April 25
Second letter
From Attorney General Roberts to A.V. Scott, vice president of the Idaho Republican League. In this letter Roberts described his position on the "Mormon Question" in regards to the new position taken by the L.D.S. church hierarchy on the question of polygamy. This letter was enclosed in the one that Roberts wrote to the president.
4 3
A letter from James G. Bleak to Wilford Woodruff, St. George, Utah
The letter written by St. George Temple recorder James G. Bleak to Wilford Woodruff indicated that he was sending a record of the temple work that had been done over the past nine months. The courier of the letter was John D.T. McAllister, president of the St. George Stake of Zion. This period of temple work was conducted by Woodruff and included the baptism of past U.S. presidents as well as those that signed the declaration of Independence.
1877 September 20
4 4
Diary of Missionary Labor of Elder Samuel Worsencroft in Great Britain
Daily journal of Worsencroft's trip from Payson to England in 1890. Includes descriptions of his arrival in Salt Lake City, Utah and his stay in New York City.
1890 April 28 - December 19
A ledger that appears to belong to the Samuel Worsencroft family of Payson, Utah.
The volume contains several entries of different types of material.
Box Folder
4 5
Pages 1-6: Record of the Payson Post of the Utah Indian War Veterans of Payson Precinct Organized
1903 February 24
4 5
Pages 26-27: Copies of letters between the Fairbanks children and their parents concerning the celebration of their parents 50th wedding anniversary. Alberta, Canada
1942 September 29
4 5
Pages 29-31: Patriarchal blessing for George Fairbanks performed by patriarch Charles L. Evans
1898 March 1
4 5
Pages 32-34: Patriarchal blessing for Sara Ann Worsencroft performed by patriarch Charles L.Evans
4 5
Pages 35-36: Patriarchal blessing for Sara Ann Fairbanks performed by John A. Woolf
1872 December 29
4 5
Pages 44-45: Fairbanks family, of Payson, genealogical information
4 5
Pages 47-48: Poetry, no author
4 5
Pages 93-96: "The book of my Forefathers"
Three separate sheets
1929, 1942
Box Folder
4 5
A document that concerns the Utah Indian War Veterans.
4 5
Patriarchal blessing for Raymond Samuel Fairbanks performed by Joseph Reese
1942 December 10
4 5
Patriarchal blessing for Georgia Fairbanks Eddington performed by Homer M. Brown
1929 November 26

The Logan Musical arts guild, 1937-1952Return to Top

two volumes

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
Volume 1
Includes by-laws and attendance records
4 6b
Volume 2
4 7
Papers from the Office of the First Council of Seventy in the care of Elder H.M. Larsen of Newton.
19 letters
The documents contain instructions to the Presidents of the Quorums of Seventy and has some specific information pertaining to Cache Valley
4 8
Eight letters and documents concerning the Thatcher family of Logan
Item 1: James H. Hart notifying George W. Thatcher that he has been appointed to the board of directors of the Great Western Iron Company
Item 2: James H. Hart appointing George W. Thatcher as general agent of the Great Western Iron company
1874 December 13
Item 3: Zion's Co-operative Mercantile Institution
A financial balance sheet from a board meeting
1876 June 10
Item 4: greement of Hezikiah Thatcher to allow the Logan United Order Foundry Machine and Wagon Manufacturing Company to enlarge the mill race or ditch in order to bring more water to the firm
Item 5: William A Rossiter to George W. Thatcher, Logan, Utah
This letter concerns the purchase of a piece of land from Brigham Young by Luna Thatcher
1882 December 20
Item 6: William A. Rossiter to George W. Thatcher, Salt Lake City, Utah
The letter concerns the fact that G.W. Thatcher will not allow Luna Thatcher (Brigham Young's daughter) to settle the estate
1890 December 4
Item 7: Joseph Kimball, Salt Lake City, Utah to George W. and Guy Thatcher, Logan, Utah
Kimball was desirous to purchase the Thatcher's interest in the Monocco Mining Claim
1916 May 2
Item 8: Thatchers, Logan, Utah to Joseph Kimball, Salt Lake City, Utah
The letter states that they will sell their share in the Monacco
1916 May 24
Item 9: Russian Imperial government bond with the signature H. Thatcher signed

Miscellanea, 1874-1980Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
5 1
Lee Family of Tooele, Utah
Item 1: "Biography Ann White Lee, Pioneer, 1849"
Four page typescript
Written by her daughter Mrs. Lottie Shields. Prepared of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
Item 2: Autobiographical sketch by Samuel F. Lee of Tooele
Three pages handwritten. (Incomplete)
Describes early social life of Tooele and one encounter with Native Americans
Item 3: Patriarchal blessing of Ann Lee
Item 4: Patriarchal blessing of Samuel F. Lee
5 2
5 3
Zion's Co-operative Mercantile Institution, Scipio Co-op inventory sheet
The sheet inventories dry goods bought or sold to the co-op.
1872 September 27
5 4
Ground Work, Volume II, Robert Duncan draft
1980 December

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