George Dewey Clyde papers, 1919-1954

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Clyde, George D.
George Dewey Clyde papers
1919-1954 (inclusive)
14 boxes, (7 linear ft.)
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Miscellaneous reports, memoranda and addresses collected by Clyde during his employ as Chief of Irrigation with the United States Soil Conservation Service.
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Born on July 21, 1898, in Mapleton, Utah County, Utah, George Dewey Clyde graduated from Utah State Agricultural College in 1922. As an agricultural engineer, he served on the staff of both the Experiment Station and the College, becoming a full professor in 1928. He served as Dean of the School of Engineering from 1936 through 1945. Following World War II, Mr. Clyde left the employ of the College to assume the duties of Chief of the Division of Irrigation Engineering and Water Conservation for the Soil Conservation Service, Research Branch under the United States Department of Agriculture. He also was a director of Utah Water and Power Board. He played an important role in approval of the Upper Colorado River Basin Storage Project in 1956. A long standing member of the Utah Republican Party, he left Civil Service and ran successfully for the governorship of Utah that same year, serving eight years. George Clyde was the 10th governor of Utah. He focused on the economic development of Utah while in office. Clyde returned to civil service in 1965. He and his wife, Ora Packard Clyde, raised five children. George D. Clyde died on April 2, 1972.

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The following collection deals with George Dewey Clyde's world as a federal employee with the Soil Conservation Service and is a collection of reports and inter-departmental memoranda covering a wide scope of irrigation, drainage, reclamation and soil conservation materials. Most of the reports, etc, contained are unpublished typescripts and/or preliminary drafts of reports. The Collection is arranged alphabetically according to subject, or geographical location. Therefore, reports dealing with irrigation, for instance, are filed under irrigation followed by the title as it appears on the report. For reports dealing with irrigation in specific locations, they are filed under the location.

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The collection is organized alphabetically.

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This collection was acquired by USU Special Collections and Archives in three installments, the last of which was transferred from the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming in 2001. The papers were donated to the American Heritage Center in 1972 by Jerald R. Clyde, son of George Clyde.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1 American Institute of Cooperation - held at Utah State Agricultural College
"The National Organization for Farmer Cooperatives." Includes correspondence.
August, 1951
1 2 American Society of Agricultural Engineering, papers presented at meeting of the Pacific Coast Section March 17-18, 1950
1 3 Bear River - Water Pollution Studies, Lower Bear River Basin, U.S. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare, Public Health Service
Note: For information on stream flow, pumping, irrigation, etc. on the Bear River, see: Subject Classification - C, Cache County.
September 1956
1 4 Boise River, Stewart and Bryan Decrees, Sliding Scale Cuts, Boise River, by William E. Welsh (Boise River Watermaster), address before Association of Western State Engineers September 10, 1947
1 5 Cache County, Hydrographic Studies on the Bear River in Cache Valley from
Includes studies on all tributaries to the Bear River originating in Cache Valley comparing inflow and outflow at Preston, Idaho and Collinston, Utah, respectively. Includes measurements taken on Bear River pumps and Springs in the Valley's center.
June 15 - September 15, 1925
1 6 Cache County, Original Hydrographic Sheets for the above report undated
1 7 Cache County, Similar to folder number 5 transmitted to W.W. McLaughglin, Associate Chief, Division of Agricultural Engineering January, 1926
1 8 Cache County, Report on the Cache Valley Project of the Salt Lake Basin Investigations, Utah, by William M. Green. Includes information on possible reservoir sites and utilization of Cache Valley's water resources. In conjunction with the Bureau of Reclamation and the Utah Water Resource Board 1924
2 1 Canadian River Project, Texas, promotional brochure presented by A. A. Meredith, Canadian River Project Water Users Association 1950
2 2 Canals - Linings for canals and ditches. Including reprints of articles by C. W. Lauritzen and O. W. Israelsen, "Earth Linings for Irrigation Canals and Reservoirs"; C. J. Francis, "Lining Irrigation Ditches" and Soil Conservation Service, "Canal Lining for Water Conservation" 1946
2 3 Canals - Shotcret Canal and Ditch Linings 1948
2 4 Canals - Canal Lining Manual, by Carl Rohwer, Division of Irrigation and Water Conservation in cooperation with the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station 1946
2 5 Canals- Clays and Bentonites for Lining Canals and Reservoirs, C. W. Lauritzen 1952
2 6 Carbon County - Observations, Canal Systems on Price River, O. W. Israelsen and Bruce McBride 1919
2 7 Carbon County - Report on Gooseberry Project and Price River Investigations - Utah
Bureau of Reclamation and Utah Water Storage Commission. Project investigations report number 50.
September, 1940
2 8 Carbon County - Report of Water Distribution on Price River system 1933
2 9 Carbon County - Price River Distribution System 1939
2 10 Carbon County - Same as Above 1938
2 11 Carbon County - Same as Above 1941
2 12 Carbon County - Same as Above 1942
2 13 Carbon County - Same as Above 1943
2 14 Colorado Big Thompson Project, Bureau of Reclamation. Promotional brochure undated
2 15 Colorado River - Lower Colorado River Project. Including Salt River Project, Central Arizona Project, Yuma Project, Gila Project, All-American Canal System and Palo Verde Project. Promotional brochures, Bureau of Reclamation 1951
2 16 Colorado River - Utah Water Storage Commission Possible Power Sites on the Green and Colorado Rivers from Flaming Gorge to Red Wall Canyon. Includes map of proposed sites 1937
2 17 Colorado River - Tentative Estimates of Consumptive Use of Water Rates in the Upper Colorado River Basin, by Harry F. Blaney, provisional 1948
2 18 Colorado River - Promotional brochures, including "Utah Tomorrow", Salt Lake Chamer of Commerce; "Address of Charles A. Carson, special counsel on Colorado River for Arizona, delivered, 1947"; "Colorado River Association:, and :Benefits for all...", Upper Colorado River Commission, Grand Junction, Colorado undated
2 19 Colorado River - Upper Colorado River Commission, Fourth Annual Report 1953
3 1 Colorado River - Report on Water Supply of the Lower Colorado River Basin, Project Planning Report, Region 3, Bureau of Reclamation 1952
3 2 Colorado River - Colorado River Storage Project and Participating Projects (Upper Colorado River Basin), Project Planning Report, Bureau of Reclamation 1950
3 3 Columbia River Basin - Consumptive Use of Water in The Irrigable Areas of the Columbia River Basin in Nevada, by Clyde E. Houston and Edmund A. Naphan, Soil Conservation Service 1952
3 4 Columbia River Basin - Promotional brochures, including "Why Develop More Power; Why Irrigate More Land?" by Frank A Banks; "Power: Columbia Basin Project", Bureau of Reclamation; "Columbia Basin Project"; "Land and Water Contracts of the Columbia Basin Reclamation Project"; "Farming Opportunities: Columbia Basin Project"; "Columbia Basin Project: Grand Coulee Dam and Power Plant"; "Central Valley Project California", Bureau of Reclamation, and a map showing irrigated land proposed under the project undated
3 5 Conservation - including People and Land in Modern Society, People and Their Government - Partners in Conservation, Conservation Research and Conservation Education is the Only Answer, by J. W. Severy undated
3 6 Consumptive use of Water - Research on, by Wayne D. Criddle undated
3 7 Consumptive use of water - Greater Accuracy in Water Application Efficiency Determinations Through a Consumptive Use Correction Factor, by Dean K. Fuhriman 1950
3 8 Consumptive use of water - including miscellaneous reprints by Harry F. Blaney undated
4 1 Drainage - Drainage Investigations as a basis for Design, by George B. Bradshaw 1952
4 2 Drainage - Field Methods for Evaluating Some Factors Relating to Soil Reclamation and Recommendatoins Pertaining to Drainage, by George B. Bradshaw and Morlan W. Nelson 1952
4 3 Drainage - Methods Employed in Drainage Investigations in Irrigated Areas, by William W. Donnan and George B. Bradshaw, Soil Conservation Service 1951
4 4 Drainage - Papers Presented at Conference of Staff of Division of Irrigation Engineering and Water Conservation, Pomona, CA, October 27-29, 1952; and Conference Between Representatives of Division of Irrigation Engineering and Water Conservation, Soil Conservation Service, and Division of Soil Management and Irrigation Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils and Agricultural Engineering at Riverside, CA October 30- November 1, 1952
4 5 Drainage - Progress Report on Drainage Investigations, Emmett Valley, Gem County, Idaho, by George B. Bradshaw, USDA, Agricultural Research Service 1954
4 6 Drainage - Report and Recommendations on Groundwater and Land Drainage, Los Banos Soil Conservation District, Merced County, CA, by Ralph H. Brownscombe 1950
4 7 Drainage - Second Annual Conference of Irrigation and Drainage Research Workers (proceedings), Logan, Utah, O. W. Israelsen January 22-24, 1945
4 8 Drainage - Report of the Second Conference of Irrigation and Drainage Investigator of the Experiment Stations of the Western States and the Division of Agricultural Engineering, Irrigation Investigations, USDA Berkeley, CA December 28 - 30, 1927
4 9 Drainage - Soil Changes as the affect Waterlogging and Drainage, George B. Bradshaw 1953
4 10 Drainage - Utah Drainage Problems: Our Progress Towards Solving Them, by Orso W. Israelsen
Note: For information on Drainage in the Imperial Valley of California, see Irrigation.
4 11 Drought - Report of Water Conservation Program and Drought Situation in Utah, by George D. Clyde, Logan, Utah 1934
5 1 Erosion - Including: Methods of Measuring Soil Erosion Losses; How Much Soil Can We Afford to Lose; Water Erosion Control on Cultivated Land, by J. H. Stallings; Some Land Statistics on Erosion, Cultivated Area, etc. in the United States, and The Effects of Land Management Upon Runoff, Erosion and Related Factors 1949-1950
5 2 Evaporation from Water Surfaces, by Arther A. Young, USDA 1944
5 3 Evaporation - Present Status of Work on Evaporation in the United States, by Earl Harbeck, Jr 1940
5 4 Fertilizers - Liquid Fertilizers, by Howard Dowell 1948
5 5 Five Mile Creek Erosion Area - Preliminary Examination Report of Accelerated Erosion and Sedimentation, A Portion of Bear River and Five Mile Creek Tributary, by M. H. Wilkins
Note: Ariel photographs of Five Mile Creek Report removed and placed with Special Collections photograph collection. For information on Gem County, Idaho, see Drainage. For information on Gentile Valley, Idaho, see Water Rights - Dietrich Decree. For information on the Geologic Survey (USGS) see, Reclamation - Geologic.
5 6 Groundwater - Replenishing Groundwater Supplies by Sinking Water Through Wells or Shafts, by Dean C. Muckel, Soil Conservation Service 1945
5 7 Groundwater - Utilization of Natural Underground Water Storage Reservoirs, by George Dewey Dlyde 1950
5 8 Groundwater - Water Spreading as a Means of Groundwater Replenishment, by Dean C. Muckel, USDA 1947
5 9 Groundwater - Water Spreading for Storage Underground, By Dean C. Muckel, USDA 1944
5 10 Groundwater - Underground Leakage from Artesian Wells in the Flowell Area, Near Fillmore, Utah [Millard County], State Engineer (Utah), technical publication no. 1, Geologic Survey 1944
5 11 Hungry Horse Dam, Bureau of Reclamation, promotional brochure
Note: See also, Columbia River Basin
5 12 Hydrologic Investigations - The cooperative Aspects of Hydrologic Investigations, by Merrill Bernard, Climatological and Hydrologic Services Division, U.S. Weather Bureau 1949
5 13 Irrigation - All-American Canal Project, by Harry W. Horton undated
5 14 Irrigation - Community Acequia: Its Origin and Development, by Wells, A. Hutchins 1928
5 15 Irrigation - Conservation Irrigation, prepared by C.A. Rechenthin and M.A. Hartman, Soil conservation Service 1948
5 16 Irrigation - Consumptive Use and Irrigation Water Requirements of Crops in New Mexico (provisional), by Harry F. Blaney, et all 1950
5 17 Irrigation - Davis and Weber County Irrigation Experiments and Demonstrations, by Alton H. Peterson 1937
5 18 Irrigation - Delivery of Irrigation Water to the Farmer, by R. O. Green 1944
5 19 Irrigation - Design of Farm Units on Irrigation Projects by William O. Wallinder, USDA 1945
5 20 Irrigation - Development of Agricultural Land for Irrigation, by William O. Wallinder 1944
5 21 Irrigation - Development of Irrigation in the Southwest, by Wells A. Hutchins 1947
5 22 Irrigation - Engineering Design for Sprinkler Irrigation, by A. W. McCulloch, Soil Conservation Service 1946
5 23 Irrigation - Essential Considerations for Irrigation Development (draft), prepared by Milo B. Williams, Rome, Italy 1951
5 24 Irrigation - Grain Sorghum Production Under Irrigation in the Yakima Valley and the Columbia Basin, by D. E. Nelson, Agricultural Research Administration in cooperation with Bureau of Reclamation and the Washington Agricultural Experiment Station 1951
5 25 Irrigation - Engineering Handbook for Farm Planners, Region One, Chapter X, Guide for Sprinkler Irrigation Design, prepared by Regional Engineering Division 1953
5 26 Irrigation - History of Irrigation in Arizona, by Odd S. Halseth, University of New Mexico Bulletin 1936
5 27 Irrigation - History of Irrigation in Nebraska, taken from the Nebraska Blue Print, March 1931
5 28 Irrigation - History of Irrigation Development Texas, by Dean W. Bloodgood, USDA 1952
5 29 Irrigation - How Permanent is Irrigated Agriculture, Mark R. Kulp 1947
5 30 Irrigation - Improvement of Farm Irrigation Systems, by C. H. Mitchell undated
5 31 Irrigation - Irrigated Pastures in Central Washington, by J. A. Jackobs and C. O. Stanberry, Washington Agricultural Experiment Stations, circular no. 107 1950
5 32 Irrigation - Irrigated Field Trials 1950
5 33 Irrigation: Irrigation in Montana, by Robert G. Dunbar 1940-1949
6 1 Irrigation - Irrigation of Crops. Including, Sugggestions on Irrigating Commercial Truck Crops, by L. D. Doneen and John H. MacGillivray, 1946, and Irrigation Requirements of Brome Alfalfa Pastures, by Fred B. Hamilton 1952
6 2 Irrigation - Irrigation of Orchards, by George D. Clyde and Wayne D. Criddle 1952
6 3 Irrigation - Irrigation Practices and Consumptive Use of Water in Salinas Valley, California, by Harry F. Blaney and Paul A. Ewing, Soil Conservation Service 1946
6 4 Irrigation - Irrigation Requirements of the Arable Lands of the Great Basin, by Samuel Fortier, Bureau of Public Lands, Washington 1925
6 5 Irrigation - Irrigation Trials in the Southwest Region, C. H. Diebold, Soil Conservation Service, Soil Series number 14
Two Copies
6 6 Irrigation - Irrigation Trials in New Mexico, by C. H. Diebold and J. A. Williams, Soil Conservation Service, Soil Series number 11 1948
6 7 Irrigation - Irrigation Water Requirements of Crops in Shiprock and South San Juan Projects, New Mexico (provisional), by Harry F. Blaney and C. H. Diebold
Two Copies.
6 8 Irrigation - (The) Irrigator Looks at Erosion, by William E. Warne 1947
6 9 Irrigation - Infiltration, miscellaneous materials 1940-1949
6 10 Irrigation - Leaching Studies in Connection with Drainage of Saline Soils in the Imperial Valley, California, (preliminary draft), by George B. Bradshaw and William W. Donnan 1952
6 11 Irrigation - List of Irrigation Companies in Utah undated
6 12 Irrigation - Oregon's Irrigation, by Charles E. Stricklin, State Engineer 1949
6 13 Irrigation - Maintaining the Productivity of Irrigated Lands, prepared by C.A. Rechenthin and M.A. Hartman 1948
6 14 Irrigation - Manual for Contour Irrigation of Potatoes, by A.W. McCulloch, Soil Conservation Service 1948
6 15 Irrigation - (A) Method for Evaluating Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, by Claude H. Pair and Dell G. Shockley, Soil Conservation Service 1952
6 16 Irrigation - Methods of Water Application in the Seventeen Western States, by Howard M. Olson undated
6 17 Irrigation - Report of the Biennial Convention Western Irrigation and Drainage Research Association held at Logan, Utah June 18-20, 1929
7 1 Irrigation - Report on Drainage Investigations of Imperial Valley, Californian, by William W. Donnan, Vladimir S. Aronovici and Harry F. Blaney, Soil Conservation Service 1947
7 2 Irrigation - Reports on Irrigation Research presented at Irrigation Research Conference held at Logan, Utah January 20-21, 1944
7 3 Irrigation - Report on Irrigation Trials, Vedder Ranch, Paradise Valley, Nevada, by Clyde E. Houston 1951
7 4 Irrigation - Some Broad Aspects of Water Management as it Relates to Irrigation Agriculture, by George Dewey Clyde undated
7 5 Irrigation - Sprinkler Irrigation, Pacific Northwest Cooperative Extension Publication number 3 1951
7 6 Irrigation - Sprinkler Irrigation in General, by Everett H. Davis 1948
7 7 Irrigation - Suggestions on Irrigating Commercial Truckcrops, by L.D. Doneen and John H. MacGillivray 1949
7 8 Irrigation - Supplemental Irrigation, Miscellaneous materials undated
7 9 Irrigation: Water Application Efficiencies in Irrigation, by Orson W. Israelsen and Harry F. Blaney, Soil Conservation Service 1946
7 10 Irrigation - Water Application Efficiencies in Irrigation and Their Relation to Irrigation Methods: A Report of the Utah Lake and Jordan River Irrigation Studies, by O.W. Israelsen and George D. Clyde
Note: For information on the Jordan River, see, Water Rights and/or Irrigation-Report. For information on The Last Chance Canal, see Water Rights- Dietrich Decree.
7 11 Land Capability Classification Guide (Pacific Region), Soil Conservation Service 1952
7 12 Land Promotion - Rural Land Promotion Schemes in Utah, by J. Howard Maughan 1937
7 13 Millard County - Preliminary Draft of Water Facilities Area Plan for Pahvant Area, Millard County, Utah
Note: See also, Groundwater
7 14 Missouri Basin Project - Promotional brochures, Bureau of Reclamation, includes, "Boysen: A Unit of the Missouri River Basin Project"; "Angostura: A Bureau of Reclamation Unit of the Missouri River Basin Project"; "Heart Division: Missouri River Basin Project"; "Canyon Ferry: A Unit of the Missouri River Basin Project" 1940-1949
7 15 Mountain Meadow Improvement: Second Annual Visitors Day, Gunnison, Colorado July 10, 1951
8 1 Nevada - Geology and Groundwater in the Meadow Valley Wash Drainage Area, Nevada, Above the Vicinity of Caliente, by David A. Phoenix. With statements on Classification of Irrigable Lands in the Panaca Area of Meadow Valley, by George Hardman and Henry G. Fox and Quality of Spring and Well Waters of the Meadow Valley Wash..., by Hardman and M.R. Miller, water resources Bulletin no. 7, Geologic Survey 1948
8 2 Nevada - Groundwater in Lovelock Valley, Nevada, by T.W. Robinson and J.C. Fredericks, water resources bulletin number 2, Geologic Survey 1946
8 3 Newton Dam - Report on Newton Project, report number 47, Bureau of Reclamation and Utah Water Storage Commission
Note: For information on the Ogden River, see Water Rights- Ogden River
8 4 Pacific Gas and Electric Company- The Trinity Partnership Plan of Pacific Gas and Electric Company, presented by William B. Kuder 1955
8 5 Parshall Flumes of Large Size, by R.L. Parshall, abridged edition, Colorado Experiment Station, bulletin number 386
Note: For information on Paradise Valley, Nevada, see Irrigation - Navada
8 6 Piezometers - Use of Piezimeters in Drainage Investigations, by William W. Donnan, Soil Conservation Service 1948
8 7 Pumps - Some Irrigation Pump Efficiencies and Pumping Costs in Southwestern, Utah, by Everett H. Larson, Masters Thesis, USAC 1943
8 8 Reclamation - Crop Summary and Related Data, Federal Reclamation Projects, Bureau of Reclamation 1950
8 9 Reclamation - (The) Geologic Survey's Role in the Development of the West, by W.E. Wrather, Geologic Survey 1947
8 10 Reclamation - Keeping America's Cupboard Full, by Robert S. Kerr 1947
8 11 Reclamation - Reclamation as a National Investment, by Warner W. Gardner 1946
8 12 Reclamation - Reclamation Development in Idaho, prepared and presented by Idaho Reclamation Association 1944
8 13 Reclamation - Reclamation: Where Do We Go From Here? by, Michael W. Straus 1947
8 14 Reclamation - Statement of Policy to Water Resources Policy Commission undated
8 15 Reclamation - Take Reclamation Off the Merry-Go-Round, by Michael W. Straus 1947
8 16 Reclamation - What Has Reclamation to Fear, by Michael N. Dana undated
8 17 Reclamation - What Price Reclamation, by Edson Abel 1947
8 18 Reclamation - What Would Theodore Roosevelt Say About Reclamation Today? by Marshall N. Dana 1952
8 19 Reservoirs - State of Utah, Office of State Engineer, Proposed Reservoirs, T.H. Humphreys
9 1 Sedimentation - Effect of Temperature on Sediment Transportation, by E.W. Lane undated
9 2 Sevier River Basin, Utah, Federal Farm Load Bureau, Report by W.R. Parkhill, Memorandum on Sevier Bridge Dam 1919
9 3 Shoshone: A Reclamation Project, promotional brochure, Bureau of Reclamation undated
9 4 Snow - Benefits of Snow Surveying, prepared by George D. Clyde 1951
9 5 Soil Conservation - Articles, Soil Conservation Service undated
9 6 Soil Conservation - Diagnosis and Improvement of Saline and Alkali Soils, U.S. Regional Salinity Laboratory, Riverside, CA 1947
9 7 Soil Conservation - (The) Earth is the Lords, including the Eleventh Commandment, by W.C. Lowdermilk undated
9 8 Soil Conservation - Evaluation of Mitigated Soils 1951
9 9 Soil Conservation - Handbook Soil Conservation Surveys, USDA undated
9 10 Soil Conservatoin - Miscellaneous Materials 1940-1949
9 11 Soil Conservation - Soil Conservation in Our Democracy, by H.D. Byrd 1946
9 12 Soil Conservation - Soil Conservation in the World, by H.H. Bennett, USDA 1946
9 13 Soil Conservation - Permeability. Including, Soil Permeability, by R.E. Uhland; Some Permeability Characteristics of Saline and Alkali Soils, by J.E. Christiansen; Soil Permeability as a Criterion for Drainage Design; A Key for Evaluating Soil Permeability by Means of Certain Field Clues, by Alfred M. O'Neal; Field Permeability Measurement, by H. Johnson and R. Frevort; Effect of Management on Soil Permeability, by C.A. Van Doren and A.A. Klingebeil; Structure and Its Influence on Tilth of Soils, by A.A. Klingebiel and A.M. O'Neal undated
9 14 Soil Conservation - Soil Management. Miscellaneous Materials undated
9 15 Soil Moisture, Report of Sub-committee on Methods of Soil Moisture Determination 1952
10 1 Soil Moisture Measuring Equipment, Miscellaneous publications 1940-1949
10 2 Soil Piping in Southeastern Arizona, by Paul H. Carroll, Soil Conservation Service, soil series number 13 1949
10 3 Soil Sampling Equipment - Miscellaneous publications 1944
10 4 Statistics - including, How Statistics Improves Physical, Chemical and Engineering Measurements, by William J. Youden; Statistics is No Mystery, by Henry Hopp undated
10 5 Streams - Abstract of Articles Pertaining to Control and Use of Small Streams undated
10 6 Streams - Future Western Development Depends on Control and Use of Stream Flow, by John W. Hall 1947
10 7 Stream-flow Forecasting from Snow Surveys, Soil Conservation Service, circular number 914 1953
10 8 Tobacco - Row Grades and Row Layouts for Bright Tobacco Fields, by T.L. Copley 1946
10 9 Trinity River - Speech Before Water Problems Committee, June 23, 1955, by C.H. Sperry undated
10 10 Uintah Basin: Land and Water Use Studies, by George D. Clyde and A, Alvin Bishop, Jr undated
10 11 Uintah Basin - Observations Concerning Irrigation in Uintah Basin, by O.W. Israelsen, L.M. Winsor and Leslie Brown
Note: See also, Papers of Orson W. Israelsen, MSS Collection 31.
10 12 Uintah Basin - Supplement to Preliminary Report On Agricultural Resources of the Uintah Basin, Utah with Special Reference to Duchesne County, by D.S. Jennings and LaMoyne Wilson 1930-1939
10 13 Uintah Basin - Summary Report Uintah/Ouray Indian Reservation, Bureau of Indian Affairs 1937
10 14 Uncompahgre Project, Colorado: Report on Reclassification of Project Lands and on Ability of the Water Users to Repay Construction Costs to the United States (Appendix to vol 1) 1947
11 1 Uruguay, Trip to Montevideo. Miscellaneous materials, reports, addresses, itineraries of George Dewey Clyde 1951
11 2 Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, Summary of the Minutes of the Agricultural Convention held at Salt Lake City
Note: For information on the Vedder Ranch, Nevada, see, Irrigation - Nevada.
February 13-15, 1941
12 1 Washington County - Studies on Irrigation. Including, The Springdale Consolidated Irrigation Company; The Leeds Water Company, and the Pine Valley Irrigation Company
Two copies.
13 1 Washington County - (A) Preliminary Report on The Agricultural Resources of Washington County, Utah, Utah Agricultural Experiment Station 1935
13 2 Washington County - Progress Report of Land-Water Use Studies 1934
13 3 Water - California Water News 1950
13 4 Water in the West: Report of the Western Water Committee, USDA 1941
13 5 Water - (The) Department of Agriculture's Part in Regional Development of Our Land and Water Resources, by Charles F. Brannan 1945
13 6 Water - Farmstead Water Supply Manual, Farm Security Administration 1943
13 7 Water - Its Conservation and Use in Utah, by George D. Clyde 1950
13 8 Water - How Far is it to Water, by Clinton P. Anderson 1947
13 9 Water - (The) Job on the Land and Water Organizations of the Country, by William H. Webb 1945
13 10 Water - Land and Water Use in Irrigated Areas, by Warren A. Starr, USDA 1949
13 11 Water - (The) Life-line of Western Agriculture, by C.H. Willson 1941
13 13 Water - Proposed Federal Authorities for California: A Statement by the Statewide Committee on Utilization and Control of Water Resources, California State Chamber of Commerce 1945
13 14 Water - Water Application Efficiency Studies, Utah County, Utah, by O.W. Israelsen and Dean K. Fuhriman 1939
13 15 Water - Wyoming's Water Resources, by H.B. Person 1949
13 16 Water Rights - Dietrich Decree - In the District Court of the United States for the District of Idaho, Eastern Division. Utah Power and Light Company (Plaintiff) vs. The Last Chance Canal Company, et all (defendants. Final Decree, before Hon. Frank S. Dietrich, District Judge, filed
two copies
July 14, 1920
13 17 Water Rights - (The) Hawaiian System of Water Rights, by Wells A. Hutchins 1946
13 18 Water Rights - (The) Nevada Law of Water Rights, by Wells A. Hutchins 1955
13 19 Water Rights - Ogden River Commissioner's Report 1937
13 20 Water Rights - Ogden River Distribution 1930
14 1 Water Rights - Ogden River Distribution 1939
14 2 Water Rights - Ogden River Commissioner's Report 1934
14 3 Water Rights - State Water-Right Doctrines in Region 7, Soil Conservation Service, by Wells A. Hutchins undated
14 4 Water Rights - Utah Lake and Jordan River Water Commissioner's Report 1933
14 5 Water Rights - Valuation of Water Rights Widstoe Area undated
14 6 Weber Basin - Irrigation and Drainage Investigations, by Wayne D. Criddle and W.W. Donnan, Soil Conservation Service 1951
14 7 Weber Basin - Weber Basin Project, Utah, project planning report number 4-7.10-2, Bureau of Reclamation 1949
14 8 Weber Basin - Report on the ability of Water Users on the Weber Basin Project, Utah to Repay Project Construction Costs and Other Water Charges, USDA 1952
14 9 Weber Basin - Appendix to the Above undated

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  • Drainage--California.
  • Drainage--Idaho--Gem Valley.
  • Drainage--Utah--Millard County.
  • Erosion--Idaho--Five Mile Creek.
  • Hydraulic measurements--Bear River.
  • Irrigation engineering--West (U.S.)
  • Reservoirs--Utah--Cache County.
  • Reservoirs--Utah.
  • Water resources development--Utah.
  • Water resources development--West (U.S.)
  • Water rights--Idaho--Gentile Valley.

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  • Clyde, George D.--Records and correspondence.

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  • San Joaquin Valley Drainage Monitoring Program.
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  • United States. Soil Conservation Service. (contributor)
  • Utah Agricultural Experiment Station. (contributor)
  • Utah State University. College of Engineering. (contributor)
  • Utah State University. Libraries. Special Collections and Archives. (contributor)
  • Utah Water Storage Board. (contributor)
  • Weber Basin Project (U.S.)

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  • Bear River (Utah-Idaho)
  • Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)
  • Columbia River.